the deli for the connoisseur


Kings Meat Deli has become synonymous with quality and service due to the maintenance of our meticulous standards. Our original shop opened its doors in 1995 in Castle Walk and our second branch in Lynnwood Bridge opened in May 2011. We have become somewhat of a landmark in the East because of our famous ceiling of biltong.

Ons kliënte kan rustig rondsnuffel en kyk na al die produkte wat ons ten toon stel soos ons kampioen boerewors, biltong en droëwors en ongeveer 600 soorte vleis lekkernye. Daar is koue vleise, kase, Suid-Afrikaanse wyne en allerlei tuisbereide souse en konfyte om van te kies en keur.

Shopping for a gift for a man can be no easier than at Kings Meat Deli where you can even buy hunting, pocket, or biltong knives to go with a delectable piece of biltong, a bottel of fine wine or the popular multi-purpose “Piet se Sous”.

Should you require a special cut of meat, we are always happy to oblige at no additional cost – our extra special service is as free as our friendly atmosphere.


Kings Meat Deli supplies only top quality beef, lamb, pork and free-range chickens. Boerewors is available in a variety of recipe mixtures to suit different tastes. You will also find duck, sosaties in various marinades, as well as the more exotic products such as sheep tails and even Haggis for our clients from the Highlands. Our beef cuts are freshly cut or matured and some are marinated.

Al die standaard vleissnitte (T-been, filet, kruisskyf, blokkiesvleis, skaapboud, varkboud, skenkels en dies meer) is beskikbaar, maar ons kan ook spesiale snitte of -rolle voorberei volgens u behoeftes soos byvoorbeeld kroonbraad (rack of lamb), Saratoga-tjops of gelardeerde roostersnitte; pofadders en Kersfees-ham.

Biltong en droëwors is eg Suid-Afrikaans en ons produkte bevat slegs suiwer vleis, kruie en speserye.

Ons maalvleis is óf vetvry óf lae vet en so ook ons hamburger “patties”.


Our Deli section offers a mouth watering selection of processed meats (cold cuts) such as Sandwich Ham, Hickory and Smoked Ham, Paprika loaf, Cervelat and Pepper Salami’s, Pressed Tongue, Chicken Loaf, Olive Loaf, Turkey and Beef Pastrami, Roast Beef and Lamb as well as Smoked and Cured Sausages and Brawn.

Ons bied ook ‘n groot verskeidenheid smullekker kaas soorte en dis soms moelik om te kies want alles lyk so smaaklik!

In this section you will also find a variety of homemade sauces, relishes, jams and preserves, all locally sourced. Our in-house Kings Meat Deli label sauces such as our peri-peri sauce and the all-purpose “Piet se Sous” are very popular items in our shops. If you are looking for quail’s eggs and locally grown olives, look no further. We proudly support our local olive oil farmers which are far superior to anything Europe can offer!!!


We stock a variety of branded, top quality knives for hunting, for biltong slicing and also pocket knives.Some of the brands are Victorinox, Kershaw, CRKT, Buck, Oppinel and Lone Wolf.


Koos, owner and wine connoisseur carefully selects SA wines which we have on offer, both for every day enjoyment as well as for those special occasions where boutique wines may be preferred. Sluit by ons aan vir wynproe-sessies op geselekteerde Saterdae.


Our service is free, so please ask and we will find or make what you need within 48 hours. You are welcome to phone our Service Personnel directly.

Visit us at Kings Meat Deli to experience a pleasant shopping experience. Phone us on 012 347 0115 or 012 347 0245 at Castle Walk or on 012 348 2189 or 012 348 0387 at Lynnwood Bridge or complete the Contact Us Form with your requirements.